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CAT-alogue of our most recent litter!

Our beautiful adult cats are dearly loved and respected members of our family. And, of course, the birth of a new litter of kittens is an anxiously awaited and exciting event. Our babies are welcomed with open arms into our family and receive tender care from their mom and lots of hugs and kisses from us.

At several weeks of age, kittens are given a thorough examination by a licensed veterinarian. At two months, they undergo additional examinations, tests and are administered the first immunizations for feline leukemia and feline distemper.

Latest Litter Available Now

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Baby Bengal 1

Baby Bengal 2

Baby Bengal 3

Baby Bengal 4

Baby Bengal 5

Baby Bengal 6

Baby Bengal 7

Baby Bengal 8


This is Apollo. He is an affectionate, beautiful blond boy who is very active. Male born 9/26/21 $1,850.


Zeus has beautiful rosettes, gorgeous eyes and a sweet personality. Male born 9/26/21. $1,750.


Dionysus is an affectionate, beautiful blond boy who is very active. Male born 9/26/21. $1,850.


Ares loves to look up at you with his beautiful eyes. He is curious, playful and such a lovable little guy. Born 9/26/21 $1,400.

About Us

Our Bengals are selected from registered bloodlines for superior conformation, soundness, temperament and color. We raise happy, healthy, well socialized kittens with great personalities. These babies are extremely intelligent, sweet, playful and affectionate with beautiful, exotic leopard spots. 

Our goal is to place these beautiful, majestic cats in their forever homes where they will become life long, loving companions.

We will be happy to answer any questions and forward additional photos of a kitten upon request. 

Cat Blog

We have some tips to love, know, treat and care for your cat ... we know how to decode all that secret kitty body language.

Bengal Cats

Bengals, a cross between the Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat, are an exciting new breed of domestic cats. They are alert, inquisitive and strikingly beautiful.

Life with cats

Cats are the perfect house pets. They are very self sufficient and require a minimum of care, but welcome lots of love and attention. Bengal cats are beautiful and devoted companions

Love Meow

Many cats love their owners as much, if not more than we love them, but how a cat shows his love and gives him affection is very different from how humans show love.

What People Say About Our Cats

When we adopted Max we had no idea what joy and love he would bring to our family. He was so smart and affectionate. Once he turned 1, we decided to adopt another little one. Sharyn has been wonderful thru the entire process. We had had pets in the past, but these Bengals are really fun and super intelligent. We can’t recommend them enough.

Alice, New York, NY

My daughter loves her sweet, gorgeous Bengal cat. Little did we know that he would save her life. We live in the country. One day as she was playing on the porch, he rushed to place himself between her and a rattlesnake that she had not seen. Hissing and growling ferociously, he would not relent until the snake made a hasty retreat. I will be eternally grateful to this brave little cat who loves my daughter enough to risk his life to save her.

Janyne, Del Rio, TX

My Bengal cats are a pure delight - their feline beauty and their incredible intelligence are a constant source of joy.

Josephine, New Orleans, LA

My Bengal cat, JAG, came from superior breeding by Sharyn Jordan of Laredo, Texas. After extensive searching and looking at several breeders’ cats, I purchased my gorgeous Bengal from Mrs. Jordan. He is the most lovable, velvety soft friend I have ever had. If you want quality, personality plus and a beautiful Sharyn Jordan.

Sharri, Laredo, TX


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